My vision for the future

Educating the Whole Child

I believe that in order for children to receive the best possible education, we have to consider the WHOLE child. Expanding the arts in our schools, providing greater access to counselors for our students, and establishing a balance between digital access and textbook access are some of my goals.

Raising The Bar

Our students are capable of achieving great things! In order for them to reach the goals they set for themselves, I believe it is important to provide them access to higher-level courses. More AP classes at our high schools, increased dual enrollment offerings and pathways at the Academy for Advanced Studies, and more STEM exposure at all of our schools are things I would like to see in our school system. It is crucial that our students are prepared for the work force and/or college when they graduate high school!

Providing For Teachers

I have always had a heart for teachers and a desire to provide them with the tools they need in order to be successful. Reducing class size, competitive salaries, and more classroom resources I believe are crucial to our teachers', and ultimately our students', success.